10 Years in Maui


We celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary over Thanksgiving in Hawaii. We always said when we hit 10 years, we're celebrating somewhere we've always wanted to go. 10 years came up fast! I guess time flies when you're having fun! 

I lost my mom in 2013. She and my dad always said they wanted to celebrate an anniversary in Hawaii. Unfortunately they never made it. This gave us a little extra push not to say, "we'll do it later." We did an anniversary photoshoot with my mom's wedding gown. It almost felt like she was able to see Maui...even though we know where she is now is even more amazing than Maui, which is hard to fathom. 

We had an amazing time CELEBRATING! We were asked "What's the secret?" to 10 years. It took us back a little bit because 10 years doesn't seem THAT long. But I guess today it is. I couldn't think of an answer! But Kyle chimed in and said, "refuse to quit." And that's exactly it. There couldn't be a more perfect answer! We refuse to quit. Can't wait for 10 more. 
With love, 
Krystal & Kyle


Ps. Check out the Bone Marrow at 2:13! If you haven't tried bone marrow, its a MUST!
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